Leader Resources

For staff and other leaders to request media, start groups, register events and quickly accomplish other ministry-important admin tasks.

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Event, Gathering, or Calendar Request

This form will ask about advertising needs and details for the following:

1) A new event or ministry such as Retreat, Bowling Night, Outreach

2) Launch or relaunch of a ministry such as Connect Groups, Men/Women’s Ministry Gatherings

3) Anytime registration is required

4) Facility Use

Media/Advertising Only Request


This a request for an activity, event, or group that is already approved on the calendar and additional advertising is needed.

Such as signage requests, social media advertising, website updates, or newsletter inserts.


Connect Group Leaders

Connect Group Leader Guide

Read this before leading or hosting a group.

inFellowship Group Leader Manual

How to take attendance, email your group and navigate inFellowship.

Sign Up Form to Become a Leader

STEP ONE: Sign up to become a leader.

Request Form to Start a Connect Group

STEP TWO: Fill out this form to request starting a Connect Group