Let’s Get Close to God

Getting close to God…what an amazing thought! In fact, it’s so amazing that most people never take it seriously.  I’ve had people say things to me like, “Being a religious person is one thing, but actually spending time with God, personally, privately, and in real time…that’s out there!”

Actually, they’re right! It is out there! It’s out there, available for each of us to take advantage of. Truthfully, this is the main reason that Jesus came – to clear a pathway for us to be able to get close to God. No false pretense, lengthy religious prayers, or pious rituals are required. Jesus cleared the way so that anything that might have kept you away from God in the past, is gone!

You might ask, “Well, if this is really true… If all of the obstacles have been removed and EVERYONE is invited to come closer to God…then the only question left to ask is…How can I do it?” One of the primary ways to get close to anyone is to spend time with them, talking with them, and listening to their thoughts and ideas.

Devotions are not just about fulfilling a reading schedule or marking off your checklist. Relationships don’t grow simply because you’ve fulfilled an obligation. Devotions are interactive, relational and conversational!

The Bible is God’s Words in print. As you spend time reading its pages, you will begin to hear God speaking to you through insight and personal application of the scriptures. Capturing those moments in the pages of this journal is a vital part of your relationship with God. It’s a way to record and then later re-experience those priceless and precious exchanges between you and Him.


As the Senior Pastor of Lakeshore Christian Fellowship, I want to encourage you to join our Lakeshore family as together we get closer to God! Each day, spend time with Him by reading your Bible, listening as He speaks to your heart, and responding to Him in prayer and in your journal entry. As amazing as it sounds, it’s really that simple! He loves you and has invited you to know Him in a very personal way.

God’s greatest blessings,
Pastor Gil Dirmann, Jr.