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Over the past two days the team has been diligently working at the church under the watchful eye of Edwin and Marco.  Like any job site the first day took a little while to get everything straightened out and all the jobs and tasks lined up.  This trip they had several areas for our team to work. Some of the team eventually found themselves cleaning out the old worship center and the old youth room so we can prep the walls, patch the ceilings, and repaint the rooms. While another group quickly jumped into busting up concrete in preparation for the new bathrooms, which was no easy task. We had to trench the lines for the new plumbing. 


After the first two days of work, we can confirm that projects in Bolivia run about the same as projects in the United States. Throughout the day we had to send out a couple of our teammates to various stores to try to track down the tools and supplies. It seems like every time we returned. We had either used all of our supplies or realized we needed more items.  It wasn’t a surprise to any of us as we know the average honey-do list will send you to Lowe’s at least three times for one project. 


The team morale was very high at the end of day one and everyone was looking forward to getting back to work bright, and early upon Edwins’ request for us to arrive by 8:00am on day 2. This is where the real fun begins. We were able to reunite with our old friend, the concrete mixer. The fun part of this year’s concrete work is that everything is happening on the second floor so we have to mix everything in buckets in the lower level then raise them and have team members carry it to the forms where it needs to be poured.  

This was quite the assembly line to see!  

Both nights ended with a dinner and EVERYONE going straight back to the room to go to bed. The team is tired, but excited for the next two days of work at the Faro Del Cielo church. 


We know the work is very important to the church. The highlight is always the personal relationships. By the end of day two, our team and the people of the church have begin intermingling as one family. It was so fun to watch our younger team members interact, play and work as if they had known these kids their whole lives. 


Continue to pray for our team’s health and safety on the job site and that the Lord would multiply or sleep as we are not getting to bed until close to 11 pm by the time we arrive home from dinner each night.