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Whew! What a day! We got a lot accomplished yesterday. It was work but we were able to look back at the end of the day with a huge sense of satisfaction at all that we did with God today.

The first priority today for Dana and Brandy was to organize the paperwork for all the patients we saw yesterday and determine the proper medicine needed for each one and the dosage. This may seem simple but none of the medicine translates exactly to Spanish as we originally thought. Some of the medications in the U.S. are not available here so it took a bit of work to determine exactly what was needed for each patient.

Once the medications were determined, off we went to the pharmacy to try to collect it all. It took over an hour working with one sweet pharmacist to get all the medication needed for each person. The pharmacist was amazing and dedicated herself to help us for the whole time we were there. This may seem like a small thing we are doing but this one act of purchasing medication for people makes a huge impact. I told the pharmacist that Dana was a doctor and Brandy was a nurse and showed her our write-up on each patient. You could see the look in her eyes as she put the pieces together and figured out what we were doing for the people we had seen. Without hesitation, she worked hard to find what we needed for each person at the most economical price for us. She was absolutely lovely. The people here are extremely compassionate for their fellow Bolivians who are living in poverty and they truly appreciate the work that people do to help them. It’s lovely to see and it makes an impact.

When we got back into the bus, our bus driver, Bismark, and I started talking. I apologized for how long it had taken us in the pharmacy and then I explained briefly why it took such a long time. Bismark has barely said a word to us the whole time he has been driving. He is very kind and very polite but he is also extremely shy and quiet. When we started talking about the people out at Peji yesterday, he talked more than he had the entire rest of the trip combined. Yesterday when we were setting things up at the clinic in Peji, he took our bus out to pick up some of the sick from their homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. He had first hand knowledge of how they lived and the state of their poverty that we didn’t have. When he discovered that we had purchased the medications for them, he couldn’t say enough about how wonderful that was. He tried to describe their homes and their lives and he expressed how grateful he was that they were receiving care. Little things are a big deal in the Kingdom and bringing a little extra money to provide medications for those sweet people was a big deal.

One thing that God has been showing me on this trip is that everywhere we go, we tell a story. Whether in the United States or here in Bolivia, our lives tell a story to those around us. Our facial expressions, our actions, and our words all join together to write the pages of the book of who we are. The Bolivian people are hearing our words and seeing our actions and are reading the story we tell. On this trip, our story isn’t just our own. It’s the story of our team, the story of our church, the story of our country and the story of the Faro del Cielo church here in Santa Cruz. We are linked with each of these wherever we go and, because of that, we have to be extra vigilant to ensure we are telling the story of Jesus in us wherever we go. Purchasing the medication today told a sweet story of the love of Jesus for the people of Bolivia.

Once the medicine was purchased, the ladies distributed the medications by bag and Patricia typed out instructions for each person detailing what they needed to take and when. Pastor Simona came by the church to pick up all the medications and took them back over to Peji to distribute them to the people there. This act of service helps the missionaries living at Peji as well as they continue to build relationship with the surrounding neighborhood.

After lunch, we met again as a team for devotion time. Yesterday Patricia shared her testimony with the team and shared what she had spoken in Spanish at the youth service. She spoke to the youth in Spanish so the majority of the team couldn’t understand what she had to share. She was able to share her story of God’s goodness with the team in English yesterday and what a testament it was. She is a picture of God’s faithfulness in the hardest of times and she is a walking miracle. After her testimony Mike brought another word for us as well. He reminded us that in the midst of spiritual warfare, we fight from victory. God goes before us and is fighting for us. His power in us is more than enough to fight off whatever the enemy throws our way. It was a great reminder, especially when several of us are still fighting sickness and injury. We had a time of prayer and prayed over the sick and the hurt and are believing for complete healing and restoration for each one. j

After devotions, some continued to work on the medication, a few members of the team went to the market with our cook to get the food for the next couple of days and the rest of the team worked on the work site. Yesterday the sifting of the dirt on the platform was completed and then all the dirt was tamped down to make it flat and level. After that, the rebar was placed on the platform area and had to be secured at each cross section with wire. Once that was complete, the cement pouring began. If you remember from last year, all the cement has to be mixed from the bags of cement and the rock and sand the team wheelbarrowed in early in the week. Edwin has a specific recipe for cement that he likes to use and the guys are experts now at mixing it in their small cement mixer. Once mixed, they have to bring in the cement by wheelbarrow to the platform area. This went on for hours and even kept going after dark to make sure the first section of the platform was completely poured.

Each one of us on these trips can picture standing on that platform one day and worshipping or preaching. We get to look at those walls and say, “With God’s help I got to help build those.” You get to look at it too and say, “I helped to build those walls.” and “God used me to put in that floor and foundation.” It’s all seed planting and we get to see how God brings the harvest. What an amazing harvest it will be.