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The first work day is complete. We arrived at the church early yesterday morning and started in on the tasks Edwin, the foreman, had for us. There were several tasks on the work site that we were asked to work on, but one was a bit humorous for us. When we dug holes last year for the foundation of the church, we put all the dirt into an area where the church platform will be. We also built walls and used mortar up on the platform. The biggest job from yesterday was to clean out and level that whole section of the platform in anticipation for pouring cement. We had to go through and clean out all the mess we made last year with fallen mortar, broken bricks, and debris from the work site. It was like a lesson I have to teach my kids…you make a mess, you have to clean it up…even it the clean up is a year later. We were told last year that all of what we put on that platform would be cleaned up at a later time. Surprise! It’s later!

We worked until lunchtime and, as usual, Edwin’s wife, Maribel, cooked an amazing lunch for us. Since we were here last year, the amazing Maribel even took time to start working on building a catering business where she could cook for others. Over this last year she has sent me several messages saying she has been researching recipes and looking up things to cook for us. We purchase the food for her to cook and she turns it all into something delicious. It’s such a blessing for us to get to stay at the church and eat each day. It saves us time and opens the door for us to visit and build relationship with our Bolivian friends. The fantastic food she makes is just a bonus.

After lunch, we take a few minutes for a “siesta.” The Bolivian workers take a small break after lunch so we use that time for a devotion and worship time with our group. Yesterday, Andrew led the group in worship and then Tony brought us an amazing word. It was simple and profound. He told the story about when one of his boys was younger and how he looked up at his daddy and asked, “What are we going to do today?” Tony used his story to show us a picture of what God the Father does for us. We may not know what the whole plan is or how to even do the work, but with God allowing us to work with Him, we can accomplish something great each day. We just need to start by saying, “Daddy, what are we going to do today?” He does the rest. It was such a sweet reminder to each one of us to remember that this is God’s work and we get to be blessed to be a part of it.

After lunch the work continued and a couple of the ladies went to the open market with Maribel to purchase the lunch food for the next couple of days. Each trip to the market is an experience and I wish I could transport you to all the sights, sounds, and smells that we encounter there. We weren’t there long but by the time we got back to this section of town and stopped at the Hipermaxi to purchase the cheese and the meat, the workers were done for the day. We learned from Marible that you don’t want to purchase meat at the open market at the end of the day as it has been hanging outdoors the entire time….so Hipermaxi, the Bolivian version of a Walmart, is the better option for buying meat in the evening.

After the work day ended, we returned to the hotel for a quick shower and then headed out to dinner. On the way to dinner, Ann tripped on a step and fell pretty hard on her hand. It is still a bit swollen and she has a scraped knee and shoulder but she is a trooper! We have prayed over her and will continue to do so and she is believing in healing for her hand. We are keeping her well iced and medicated. It is especially helpful to have both a doctor and a nurse with us on this trip. Dana checked out Ann’s hand and Brandy made sure she had everything she needed to care for it for the night. Those medical ladies are such an asset to the team. We are blessed by them every day.

We made it back to the hotel by about 8:30 last night and were able to get some much needed good sleep to get ready for the second work day today. God has been faithful and we have seen some beautiful moments where he is teaching our group more and more about his character each day. Isn’t that just like Him? While we are here to do His work in this place, He is doing a work in us. God is so good.